AdVantEdge Residential Water Treatment Solutions

AdVantEdge Residential Water Treatment Solutions

The AdVantEdge™ line of products from AdEdge Water Technologies is a complete line of water treatment products to remove arsenic from drinking water in individual households. The AdVantEdge residential water treatment product line includes single tap or point-of-use (POU) systems and whole house or point-of-entry (POE) systems.

Each system uses GFO (granular ferric oxide) adsorptive media that has been proven to be the best for removing both arsenic III and arsenic V in several U.S. EPA demonstration sites, third-party comparison tests and thousands of successful residential and community water systems across the country.

AdVantEdge™ Medallion Series POE systems are ideal for whole-house arsenic treatment, with no chemicals, no regeneration, low-maintenance arsenic removal for the entire household. It’s the most economical and effective whole-house treatment available. The adsorption process uses Bayoxide® E33 granular ferric oxide to provide the best arsenic removal performance of any available technology. Medallion Series systems also effectively remove a number of other contaminants.

ADVANTEDGE RESIDENTIAL TREATMENT SOLUTIONSAdVantEdge™ High Capacity Series POU systems feature a multifunctional integrated system design ideal for under-counter household residential use. They feature a single-stage treatment approach using a selected 4.5-inch x 10-inch cartridge for arsenic removal. The system includes housing components such as sumps, caps, mounting bracket, lead-free faucet, shut-off device and tubing for a complete unit. Rated cartridge life is every 12 months or 3,000 gallons, whichever comes first (for 50 ppb arsenic).




AdVantEdge™ Dual Series POU under-counter systems are the perfect solution for providing arsenic-free water for cooking and drinking. Complete pre-assembled systems include cartridges, housing, bracket, automatic shut-off flow meter, connection tubing and attractive chrome faucet.



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