At AdEdge Water Technologies, our passion is clean water. Simply, we believe everyone should have the purest, cleanest water they desire for their needs. Arsenic is one of the biggest offenders in the water contamination category, and we are proud to be arsenic’s biggest enemy. No amount of arsenic can withstand our impressive and customized arsenic removal systems. For that matter, neither can any other contaminant!


Our process for arsenic removal from water is through and engineered to your industry’s specifications. We have worked with food and beverage, industrial, municipal, power, drinking water, and many other industries. It’s essential to have an efficient arsenic filtration system in any industry. We do the arsenic removal from drinking water because we care about your health and your impact on the environment. We value both.

Clean water across the globe is our ultimate goal. No matter what industry you find yourself in, we can help.


No other water treatment company out there can boast the experience, the professionalism, and the portfolio that AdEdge Water Technologies has. With over 700 successful jobs across the globe, our experience is unparalleled. And that number represents jobs that are unique and fully customized to each client’s individual needs.

Our product is the best water treatment system because it not only effectively removes arsenic, but because it can address a variety of other contaminants and needs, including nitrates, iron, and much more. We have AdEdge Packaged Units specifically designed to remove any and all contaminants from your water. We have modular systems designed specifically for municipal needs. We provide raw water pre-treatment systems, biological filtration systems, and systems to specifically target arsenic from household culinary water. If you’re wondering whether we can provide something to solve your water issues, we can. Just contact us to begin the design of your individualized system.


Our impressive water treatment products are not the only reason we’re the top choice for treating contaminated, raw, and hard water. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service for every job. To us, the highest level of customer care includes service provided with courtesy and integrity, while taking care to meet your expectations for budgets and timelines.

Our service doesn’t stop after installation, either. We’ll make sure your system continues to work according to specifications and receives the proper care so that it can operate at top efficiency for its entire lifespan. Call us now to experience the best water treatment system and service in the industry.


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