Campbell Ranch, Nevada Arsenic & Uranium Treatment

Apr 6, 2017


Campbell Ranch, Nevada Arsenic & Uranium Treatment

In March 2009, AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted by Indian Health Services to design, manufacture, and start up an arsenic and uranium treatment system for the Campbell Ranch community in Nevada. Arsenic concentrations were approximately 0.023 mg/L and uranium concentrations were 0.047 mg/L, well above the United States Environmental Protection Agency which has maximum contaminant levels of 0.01 mg/L arsenic and 0.03 mg/L uranium.

AdEdge designed a dual stage treatment system rated for a maximum capacity of 200 gallons per minute (gpm).

The treatment system was installed in May 2012. After start up, the arsenic and uranium concentrations have lowered to below the EPA MCLs for both arsenic and uranium.

Fast Facts

Client: Campbell Ranch, NV
Date: July 2013
Contaminant: As/U
Flow Rate: 200 gpm


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