Confidential Client, Dairy Farm, Pennsylvania - Nitrate Reduction


In July 2011, AdEdge Water Technologies was selected by CET Engineering Services and the client via a competitive bidding process to design, manufacture, and commission a packaged nitrate removal system for a food processing plant in Pennslyvania. The existing water system is a 0.7 MGD system consisting of a single well pump feeding multiple atmospheric storage tanks coupled with final UV disinfection at a design flow rate of over 500 GPM. The raw water has an average nitrate level of 14 mg/L, above the EPA primary MCL of 10 mg/L N.The AdEdge treatment system was designed to handle only a portion of the total flow for optimal media use and regeneration frequency. To accomplish this, the nitrate system incorporates a bypass line that blends the treated and untreated water to attain a blended nitrate concentration at a set point less than 8 mg/L. The system features a skid-mounted ADNO3 anion exchange packaged unit sized for a maximum design flow of 350 GPM. The model APUNO3-5460CS-3-AVH is a triplex, three-vessel carbon steel configuration in parallel. Each treatment system contains the strong base anion ADNO3-IX nitrate removal media which is NSF 61 certified. The resin is supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads.

After being treated in parallel by the three treatment vessels containing the ADNO3 media, the water is further subject to disinfection using UV technology before being stored in a 30,000-gallon tank. The system was furnished complete with a brine regeneration system to regularly regenerate the AdEdge ADNO3 resin to maximize the efficiency in removing the nitrates. All regeneration cycles of the treatment system are automated by the programmable logic controller.

The system is equipped with automated control valves and harness, central PLC and control panel, and a color user interface screen. System features also include differential pressure monitoring, local gauges, flow sensors and totalizers, and a central hydraulic panel with sample ports for a complete functioning packaged unit. A continuous on-line nitrate monitor is provided with the unit for ease of operation and to provide continuous monitoring for compliance.

The system was commissioned in December 2011. Since the system began operation, the nitrate concentration has consistently been reduced from around 14 mg/L to well below the treatment goal of 8 mg/L.


Client: Dairy Farm, PA
Date: December 2011
Contaminant: Nitrate
Flow Rate: 350 GPM


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