Customized Treatment Solutions

You would work hand-in-hand with AdEdge Water Technologies to design, engineer and manufacture a customized contaminant removal solution that fits into your budget, schedule and water treatment goals.

With our integrated system approach, AdEdge can customize a water treatment solution to meet your needs. Using our APU (AdEdge Packaged Unit), Modular and/or Membrane systems, we integrate pre- and post- treatment processes to provide a “one-stop-shop” approach for managing your total treatment need.

Our approach is simple and streamlined to accomplish your objectives. We:

  • Review your water quality and define treatment objectives;
  • Determine site limitations, cost constraints and site-specific factors that affect the technology choice;
  • Evaluate various proven treatment technologies to accomplish your objectives; and
  • Work side by side with your engineer to define and design the entire treatment train, to reduce your target contaminants at the lowest cost.

AdEdge integrated systems offer the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective solutions that accomplish treatment goals without over-design
  • Single-source process responsibility
  • Multiple concurrent contaminant removal
  • Pre- and post-treatment integrated into a single control panel
  • Seamless process integration with other AdEdge equipment for simple operation and maintenance
  • Systems designed with energy management in mind to lower operating costs
  • Less equipment and integration to procure, manage, operate and maintain
  • Simpler installation and startup with one source supply
  • Efficient treatment/blending scenarios to achieve minimal loss of water (reject) compared to conventional RO
  • Integration for the entire system (if desired) to achieve centralized treatment and simplicity of operation

Our integrated systems can include pre-treatment mechanical filtration for suspended solids, or include removal of iron, manganese, organics or other contaminants that can foul and otherwise diminish membrane performance and require costly operation and maintenance.

Depending on the application, such as for potable water, the treated effluent may require post-treatment pH correction or disinfection prior to the distribution.

AdEdge offers a variety of chemical feed system modules for chlorination, pH adjustment and others that may be desirable to achieve final water quality.

Contact us or fill out a site profile form, and we’ll start working on a customized solution for you to help you accelerate regulatory compliance with less risk than is possible any other way.

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