Extensive Solutions for Removing Arsenic from Your Drinking Water

August 21, 2017


You may not be aware that your water supply has unsafe levels of arsenic in it. If testing proves this to be the case, you must immediately find a form of arsenic water treatment to help you have access to clean drinking water again. Arsenic is a poisonous substance that has innumerable negative health effects on humans. There are several methods of performing arsenic removal from drinking water. Here are some of the most extensive solutions on the market.


Oxidation technologies, using natural air or a chemical compound to expose oxygen to a substance, essentially converts arsenic into another chemical form so that it can be filtered out of the water. This essentially works to filter out the toxins, including dangerous levels of arsenic, through natural methods of chemical conversion. This method of arsenic drinking water treatment is readily available and effective. However, it can potentially be very slow. Luckily, the addition of another non-toxic substance can speed up oxidation, and you can have quicker access to clean water.

Coagulation and Filtration

Coagulation and filtration involves the use of metal salts, lime, and/or iron. This is the most common form of arsenic treatment in drinking water because it is effective and has been working to provide clean water for several decades. This involves dissolving additional compounds into the water, and allowing arsenic and other toxic substances that are in your water supply to attach their ions—electricity on an atomic level—to the additives. When this happens, arsenic that would otherwise not be filtered through an ordinary filtration process will have coagulated enough to be caught in the filters. Iron is especially effective in allowing arsenic to coagulate, so many filtration systems rely on the use of iron. This is a thorough and effective process that can provide you with arsenic-free, safe water.

Granular Ferric Oxide

Granular ferric oxide is one of the most advanced and effective arsenic water treatment systems you can invest in. Granular ferric oxide reactors are toxin absorbers that function much like any other ordinary filter. Water directed downward through the filters will be cleansed of dangerous contaminants, including arsenic. This is a simple and low-maintenance process that reliably removes arsenic so that your water is clean and safe for both drinking and hygienic use.

Additional Methods

drinking water stock imageThere are additional methods for filtering arsenic out of water, including ion exchange, the use of synthetic membranes, sludge treatments, and biological processes that rely on bacteria as a filtration assistance. However, some of these methods may be less reliable and may only be able to catch a certain percentage of arsenic existing in the water.

If you want to learn more about advanced methods for arsenic removal from drinking water, you should contact a water filtration company near you that has experience with providing clean water to local homes and businesses. With their assistance, you can have access to clean water that is untainted by dangerous levels of arsenic. What’s more, if you are unsure if arsenic exists in your drinking water and want to ensure that you are not consuming this dangerous substance, the water filtration experts can test your water and then recommend the most effective treatment option that you should use.