How Does the Movie Home Alone Relate to Water Treatment?

January 26, 2021

In case you missed it: Tyler Butel, vice president of sales, and Ronit Erlitzki, director of business development and innovation, put on a fantastic webinar about manganese in December 2020 with Water & Wastes Digest.

Just like in the movie Home Alone, manganese can appear like an innocent mineral that's a constant presence in your environment. When you're least likely to expect it, manganese can invade homes and upend lifestyles with the dirty black water that can result from high concentrations of the contaminant. But residents and communities don't have to be left alone to deal with the matter - there are ways to efficiently treat and remove manganese from water supplies before it ever flows into the home.

In this webinar, the two discuss ongoing manganese research, modern treatment approaches, potential new manganese regulations and more. They also cover a few recent case studies, where communities dealing with high levels of manganese in their water were finally able to experience relief after receiving a customized water treatment system.

Now available on demand, you can catch this webinar on our YouTube channel and below:


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