How to Optimize Water Treatment Solutions

August 15, 2017


If you work in water purification, or if you utilize water treatment machinery and strategies for the industry that you work in, then you know it’s important to make the most of your water treatment system. From mining to drinking water treatment, here are a few ways to optimize the efforts of your water pumps and water purification treatment systems.

Evaluate Your Parameters

It’s incredibly useful to understand the general parameters of the water, the environment, and the contaminants that you’re working with before getting started. What are the chemicals being used in your purification process? Analyzing the wastewater you’re dealing with should help you determine the most pertinent chemicals and decontaminant processes needed.

Equipment Testing

It’s a good idea to test the water filtration equipment that you’re using to make sure that it’s working at optimum capacity. Detecting any defective parts or ineffective systems can only be done through a test run, by which you evaluate the effectiveness of the filtration effects. What kind of unwanted residue or contaminant remains after processing? That knowledge can help you deduce where the shortcoming is in your system and which changes need to be made.

Choose the Right Control Functions

If you’re collecting poor lab samples to determine the effectiveness of treatment, or you aren’t properly storing those lab samples, then the results you get from trying to test for treatment effectiveness aren’t going to be legitimate. From the lab results you take and store to the parameters of your environment, you have to set up the right control functions for determining whether or not you are optimizing your water treatment systems.

Make Sure Your Chemicals Are Working

Certain treatments work better in different circumstances. Also, more is not always better when it comes to chemical treatment. You want to strike the right balance with treatments so that you can maximize your results without causing a different type of contamination on the other end of your treatments.

Optimize Your Human Resources

Water stock imageMake sure that your machine operators stay up to scratch on the latest changes and techniques in testing, planning, or operating the machinery and treatment processes. Having a team that’s knowledgeable and capable of handling the wide range of scenarios that might face them will help to set you up for success. Adequate training, re-training, and information on updates to processes are what keep you, your team, and your equipment functioning at its best with the clearest results.

Optimizing the results of your water treatment systems doesn’t necessarily require big changes, but minor alterations. If submitting to these standards doesn’t result in improvements to any issues that you have with your water treatment system, then perhaps the real solution is to consider investing in a new system entirely. Small changes should make a huge difference, but changing your treatment system for a more reliable and effective one will unquestionably have a positive impact on the results of your water treatments overall. Check out what professional treatment technologies are available, and try to find one that has rave reviews and a congenial staff who will be helpful throughout the purchase and training process.