Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment

Hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a common nuisance contaminant. Although it is usually not a significant health hazard, hydrogen sulfide can have a temporary laxative effect on humans and young livestock. They also may clog plumbing and stain clothing. Hydrogen sulfide produces an offensive “rotten egg” odor and taste in the water, especially when the water is heated.

Treatment options depend on the form and quantities in which hydrogen sulfide occur in untreated water. Therefore, it is critical that a comprehensive water analysis be conducted.

AdEdge provides treatment for hydrogen sulfide using AD26 oxidation/filtration media in our systems. By using our water filtration systems we are able to reduce the amount of hydrogen sulfide in a water system.

We also offer a line of packaged, pre-engineered APU systems, which are the ideal solution for public water systems, schools, subdivisions and more. We also have a line of modular treatment systems that arrive unassembled, ready for hook-up when they are installed on site. These solutions can incorporate the oxidation/filtration and/or coagulation/filtration treatment processes with pre-and-post treatment for a complete integrated system.

Advantages Hydrogen Sulfide Solutions

  • High filtration rates while maintaining a small footprint
  • Capable of treating water with flow rates ranging from 5 gpm to 5 MGD
  • Hundreds of iron and manganese solutions throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America
  • AD26 media has superior handling properties, stability and NSF 61 certification
  • Long media life—typically more than 10 years before replacement
  • Highly catalytic/oxidative activity for co-precipitation

If you are experiencing hydrogen sulfide issues with your water, contact us or fill out a site profile form, and we’ll start working on a customized solution for you to help you accelerate regulatory compliance with less risk than is possible any other way.


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