The Importance of Treatment for Water Reuse

November 12, 2020
Water reuse can be achieved through channeling recycled water into agriculture and irrigation

Given growing water scarcity and increasing regulations and social pressures to protect the environment, recycling water is especially important for businesses and municipalities to consider and prioritize. Below are answers to some basic questions regarding water reuse and its benefits.

What is water reuse and how is it done?

Industrial water reuse involves reclaiming and treating wastewater for use in a variety of beneficial ways. The type of water treatment needed depends on the contaminants present in the wastewater, and the water quality the end use requires. With today’s water treatment technology, even harsh chemicals can be removed from wastewater to make it reusable for many different purposes. 

How can recycled water be used? 

Recycled water can be used for a wide variety of purposes including agriculture, irrigation, groundwater replenishment and industrial processes like washing, coating, cooling and boiler water make-up. It can also be used for putting out fires, dust control on construction sites, concrete mixing, toilet flushing, wetlands restoration and more. Water treatment for reuse converts wastewater into an asset rather than a useless byproduct. 

What are the benefits of water reuse?

For one, water reuse is good for the environment, as it conserves resources and limits the dumping of harmful contaminants. Recycled water can also be used to directly benefit the environment through wetland replenishment. It’s also cost-effective and reduces water bills, increasing the overall efficiency of any operation. While some industries face stricter regulations than others, wastewater treatment and reuse can also help businesses stay within the legal limits for wastewater discharge.

Site-specific, customized water treatment systems allow businesses to tailor and adjust their solutions for their specific needs and water reuse requirements. Ultimately this is a win for industry, a win for the environment and a win for everyone who cares about preserving water for future generations. 


Image by Kseniia Ilinykh from Unsplash

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