InGenius control panels are custom engineered programmable logic control panels designed to meet site specifications for monitoring and integrating AdEdge designed treatment systems with auxiliary equipment and controls for water systems.

InGenius Water System Control Technology by AdEdge recognizes every treatment system is unique with specific requirements for monitoring, process flow, and automated controls. InGeniusTM panels integrate the process in one place for safety, monitoring, ease of service and installation. All designs are supported by Computer Aided Design drawings, OEM facility and documented UL Listed quality components.

All InGenius panels undergo a detailed, documented procedure developed specifically for each panel. Testing includes hot testing on output points, hardwired circuits, alarms, indicators, relays, continuity, fuse test, operator interface and instrument calibration. The custom design process requires a complete simulation of functionality for quality assurance.

Customizable Features:
InGenius PLC B

  • NEMA 1-4, 4X, 12, 13
  • Panel Materials: Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, Painted Steel, Fiberglass
  • Hand On/Off Selector
  • Backwash Indicator
  • LED Lamps
  • Security Key Latch
  • Probe Mounted Displays: Flow, pH, Chlorine, TDS, turbidity, etc.
  • Level Controls
  • Relay Controls
  • Auxiliary Power Supplies
  • Power Converter: 110V to 24V or 12V & AC to DC
  • Surge Protection
  • Ethernet Networking
  • Audible/Visual Alarm Indicators
  • SCADA Interface

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