Ion Exchange Treatment Systems

ion exchange water treatment

What is Ion Exchange?

Ion exchange (IX) is a purification method that softens water and removes unwanted minerals and other substances. A reversible process, IX works by removing undesirable metallic salt ions and replacing them with ions attached to a media or resin. Because ions have differing affinities for the resin, IX occurs as the new ions replace ones with less attraction as the water flows over the media or resin. Ion exchange is a form of sorption similar to absorption and adsorption.

There are two types of exchangers: cation exchangers (targeting positively charged ions, or cations) and anion exchangers (targeting negatively charged ions, or anions). Ions most often used as the exchange ions are sodium and chloride, which are used to remove ions attached to hard minerals, nitrate, uranium, radium and other radionuclides. Eventually, the physical resin will be saturated with the undesirable ions. Depending on the application, the resin may be regenerated on site, at a central regeneration facility or be completely replaced and disposed of.


Available Treatment Solutions Using Ion Exchange

The following AdEdge Water Technologies systems are recommended for ion exchange processes:

  • ADNO3 for nitrate removal
  • AD88 for radium removal
  • AD92 for uranium removal
  • ADCr6 for hexavalent chromium removal
  • ADIX-SOFT for softening
  • ADIX-TOC for TOC removal
  • ADIX-BOR for boron removal


Features & Benefits of AdEdge IX Systems

  • High-efficiency water conservation for minimizing waste
  • High-efficiency salt usage for conserving OPEX
  • Automated bypass with proportioning valve for consistency in reaching targeted water quality
  • Countercurrent regeneration to limit contaminant leakage and allows for lower salt usage
  • Water/brine recovery system


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