It’s “Get to Know Your Customers Day” Today!

October 15, 2020
Get to Know Your Customers Day

Did you know? It’s “Get to Know Your Customers Day” today! Observed every third Thursday of the first month of each quarter (January, April, July and October), this day is about celebrating our customers and the work that they do.

This week we wanted to highlight one of our favorite customers, Aqua North Carolina. A subsidiary of Aqua America, Aqua N.C. serves more than 250,000 residents in 51 counties throughout the state. The water utility company is committed to providing quality services to its customers and has also committed to a multi-phase plan for improving water quality, particularly with regards to the naturally occurring levels of iron and manganese. Since 2014 Aqua N.C. has invested approximately $94 million in repairs and improvements for its water and wastewater systems across the state. 

For more information on Aqua N.C.’s water quality initiatives, visit AdEdge has worked with Aqua N.C. on numerous projects; you can read about one of our water treatment systems for Aqua N.C. on Water & Wastes Digest.

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