Lake Josephine Community, Florida - Hydrogen Sulfide Removal System

April 6, 2017
Lake Josephine Community, FL Hydrogen Sulfide Removal System
230 gpm

In January 2010, AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted by Aqua Utilities Florida (now Florida Government Utility Authority) to provide a hydrogen sulfide removal system for the Lake Josephine community in Highlands County, Florida. The existing water system consisted of two wells feeding into a centralized distribution system with a maximum capacity of 230 gallons per minute (gpm) being consumed by a population of 1,250. The raw well water contains high levels of hydrogen sulfide, which produces objectionable odors in residents' tap water. The treatment goal for the Lake Josephine system is to reduce the levels of hydrogen sulfide to the non-detectable odor threshold.

The AdEdge treatment system features a skid-mounted AD26 oxidation and filtration package unit sized for a maximum design flow of 230 gpm. The model, APU26-4260CS-3-AVH, utilizes AdEdge AD26 media in a three-vessel carbon steel configuration in parallel. The system is equipped with automated control valves and harness, central control panel with programmable logic controller (PLC) and a color user interface screen. System features also include differential pressure switches, control panel and local gauges, flow sensors and totalizers, and a central hydraulic panel with sample ports for a complete functioning packaged unit. Each 42-inch diameter treatment vessel contains 30 cubic feet of AdEdge AD26 oxidation/filtration media, which is a NSF 61 certified manganese dioxide media.

The AdEdge hydrogen sulfide removal system fully integrates with the existing chlorine chemical feed system to oxidize the sulfide ion to elemental sulfur, which precipitates out of solution and is then filtered through the media. In addition to the hydrogen sulfide treatment system, AdEdge is providing a backwash recycle system. The system reclaims 100% of the backwash wastewater and removes the captured suspended solids as a semi-solid sludge that can be disposed of in a non-hazardous landfill. Backwashing of the treatment system occurs two or three times a week depending on the water usage.

The system started up and commenced in November 2011. Since the system began operation, the hydrogen sulfide concentration has been reduced to below the non-detectable odor threshold.

Case Study Fast Facts

Client: Aqua Utilities Florida
Location: Lake Josephine, Highlands County, Florida
Date: November 2011
Contaminant treated: Hydrogen sulfide
Flow Rate: 230 gpm

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