Manganese Treatment and Removal

Manganese Treatment and Removal

What is Manganese?

Iron and manganese are commonly found together in water, but while iron often finds its way into the news when found in well water and other sources, the potential for elevated manganese concentrations cannot be understated.

With the symbol Mn and atomic number 25, manganese is often found in minerals in combination with iron. It's considered an essential trace element naturally present in common foods such as nuts, legumes, whole grains and leafy greens. Mainly used in the production of steel, manganese is hard and brittle but easy to oxidize. Like iron, manganese can rust.

But in drinking water, manganese is typically seen as a nuisance that can cause discoloration and taste issues. In addition to the serious health effects that high levels of manganese can pose to humans, this contaminant can cause issues in many industrial and commercial process applications, including boiler feeds, cooling towers, and industrial remediation, among others.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) currently lists manganese as a secondary contaminant and sets its maximum contaminant levels at 0.05 mg/L.

Available Treatments for Manganese Removal

AdEdge Water Technologies uses AD26 oxidation/filtration media or ADGS+ coagulation/filtration media for the removal of manganese. These processes allow for significantly higher flow rates per square foot of media, less backwashing, and small footprint systems, which lead to lower capital and operating costs.

AdEdge also offers a line of packaged, pre-engineered APU systems, which are the ideal solution for public water systems, schools, subdivisions, and more. We also have a line of modular treatment systems that arrive unassembled and are ready for hook-up when they are installed on site. These solutions can incorporate the oxidation/filtration and/or coagulation/filtration treatment processes with pre- and post-treatment for a complete integrated system.

Benefits of AdEdge Water Treatment 

  •  High filtration rates while maintaining a small footprint
  •  Capable of treating water with flow rates ranging from 10 GPM to over 12 MGD
  •  Hundreds of manganese solutions throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America
  •  Superior handling properties, stability, and NSF 61 certification
  •  Long media life – typically over 10 years before replacement
  •  Highly catalytic/oxidative activity for co-precipitation


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