Reverse Osmosis Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Treatment

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane solutions from AdEdge Water Technologies use advanced membrane technology coupled with our other packaged treatment modules to create a complete integrated solution. Our systems can serve a variety of applications including drinking water, mining, boiler feeds, remediation and industrial process water. Whether your water treatment application is for the reduction of total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS), pathogens or other contaminants, AdEdge can design a custom treatment solution to meet your needs.

Pretreatment of the RO systems is key for long-term membrane operation and performance. AdEdge offers mechanical pretreatment, chemical pretreatment (antiscalants, acid feed and pH control), dechlorination and organics removal. The 4-inch housings can be rated up to 18 gallons per minute per frame and the 8-inch housing can be rated up to 350 gallons per minute per frame.

All AdEdge RO systems have standard components including a stainless steel or carbon steel epoxy-coated structural frame, multi-stage pump, stainless steel high-pressure piping, pump control valves, a recirculation control valve, a waste control valve and PVC low-pressure piping.

AdEdge Reverse Osmosis Features & Benefits

  • Easily integrates with any AdEdge APU system
  • Best treatment option for removing multiple contaminants that coexist with TDS
  • RO pretreatment module for long-term membrane operation and performance
  • Mechanical filtration
  • Chemical pretreatment including antiscalants, acid feed and pH control
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) system

Are you looking for an RO system to meet compliance? Contact us or fill out a site profile form, and we’ll start working on a customized solution for you to help you accelerate regulatory compliance with less risk than is possible any other way.


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