Organic Water Contaminants

Organic Water Contaminants

Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Total organic carbon, or TOC, is the measurement of organic, carbon-based contaminants in water. This contamination can occur from a wide range of sources including petroleum, PVC cement, plastics, industrial process residuals and even bacteria.

Increased levels of TOC can create interferences with other water treatment processes, clog boiler feeds and cooling towers, as well as interrupt pharmaceutical processes. High levels of total organic carbon can also cause discoloration in the water.

To remove TOC from drinking water, AdEdge offers a line of packaged, pre-engineered APU systems using ion exchange or reverse osmosis.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Organic ContaminantsThe most common volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, found in water are chlorinated solvents (septic tanks, cleaning products, plastic materials, degreasing agents) and fuel components. If these compounds are improperly disposed, they can easily seep into both groundwater and surface water supplies.

Over time, VOCs can cause digestive issues, liver, kidney and brain degeneration. Short term, these contaminants cause dizziness, reduce concentration and damage the nervous system.

For the removal of VOCs from drinking water, AdEdge offers a line of packaged, pre-engineered APU biological filtration water treatment systems using the biottta® biological filtration process. The fixed-bed, dual-stage biotreatment cultivates a robust environment for microbiological organisms to destroy contaminants or reduce elements to simple non-harmful forms. Developed specifically for drinking water applications, the fixed-bed treatment process consistently addresses contaminants at low levels, with intermittent or fixed operation. The dual-bed setup integrates a complete packaged biotreatment plant with the dependability required for protecting public health.

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