Oxidation/Filtration Treatment

Oxidation/filtration water treatment system

Designed and built specifically for wellhead treatment, AD26 oxidation/filtration systems are engineered as standalone systems for the removal of iron, manganesehydrogen sulfide and arsenic (if it coexists with high levels of iron). These systems are ideal for eliminating nuisance parameters and improving overall water quality.

Our integrated oxidation-filtration technology utilizes a proprietary, highly active NSF 61 certified manganese dioxide media packaged in a pre-engineered skid-mounted treatment system. The targeted contaminants are co-precipitated and filtered in the media bed, which is periodically backwashed.

Whether you need to comply with the secondary contaminant standard or simply want to improve the quality of your water, the AD26 system may be the best solution.

AD26 Oxidation/Filtration Advantages

Iron and manganese are common in groundwater environments and can produce undesirable drinking water and staining of household appliances and clothing. AdEdge AD26 systems offer the following advantages for achieving compliance with these contaminants:

  • High filtration rates (6 to 10 gpm per sq ft), resulting in smaller systems and footprint
  • Low capital costs
  • More reliable and efficient removal of iron, manganese and sulfide than conventional approaches using different medias
  • Superior handling properties, stability and NSF 61 certification
  • No permanganate or coagulant addition needed
  • Long lifecycle, with typically over 10 years before replacement
  • Performance over wide range of incoming water quality
  • High catalytic/oxidation activity for co-precipitation
  • Ideal complement to E33 adsorption systems that results in longer media life and lower operating costs

Does your water have iron, manganese, arsenic and/or sulfide in it? Contact us or fill out a site profile form, and we’ll start working on a customized solution for you to help you accelerate regulatory compliance with less risk than is possible any other way.


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