AdEdge Water Technologies’ pilot programs employ small-scale treatment systems utilizing adsorption, oxidation/filtration and/or other processes that mimic the larger scale applications for consideration.

The intention of short-term field pilot programs is to determine or confirm the expected efficacy of the proposed process to remove the target contaminants to the specified treatment goals. Pilot programs conducted over an extended period of time can further define information such as system operating costs.

These pilot systems are intended to be simple, basic and economical representations of the full-scale systems proposed. If properly designed, operated, monitored and reported, the pilot system performance results will be sufficient for making full-scale treatment decisions.

Specific goals for pilot sites include the following:

  1. Determine contaminant removal efficiencies of the system with the goals
  2. Determine run length (hours of run time) of the media before breakthrough
  3. Determine backwash volumes and characteristics
  4. Determine any hindrances to the treatment process

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