Reasons You Should Invest in an Arsenic Water Treatment System

Oct 28, 2017


In many areas of the U.S., the element arsenic makes its way into the water supply. This element can have adverse health effects. Although it’s rare that it shows up in large enough concentrations to be fatal, it can still cause problems and should be eliminated.

Health Effects

Many studies have been done to determine the specific effects of consuming water tainted by arsenic. One of the most common health ailments is lesions. Regularly consuming water with traces of arsenic can cause skin problems. This is usually the first indication that there’s arsenic present in the drinking water.

Arsenic also lowers the immune system. So, frequently drinking water with arsenic in it will significantly increase the risk of developing common illness. Over time, these diseases can progress. It can be so difficult to fight off illness that you end up sick for extended periods of time, and  you’ll be slowly getting worse.

It’s also been determined that consumption of water with arsenic can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Arsenic can be responsible for chronic heart problems or even heart attacks.

Cognitive Functioning

In addition to studies on the physical health effects of arsenic, many tests have been done to prove that drinking water with arsenic traces can have negative mental impacts. In these studies, it was shown that the cognitive functioning in those who consumed water with arsenic was significantly reduced. These effects were much stronger in children than in adults. For households with children, it might be necessary to install one of these filters to protect their mental well-being.

Peace of Mind

The presence of arsenic in the water varies from location to location. Some areas have more present, while some have very little, if any. Although it’s possible to test your household’s water and find exactly how much of certain elements is present, it’s an expensive and labor-intensive process. By installing a filtration system, you can remove all of the negative components of your water supply. As such, you will have peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is safe.

Easy Maintenance

Installing a water filtration device is simple and cost effective. Most importantly, it’s easy to maintain. The system itself will last a long time, and it only requires simple changes in order to keep functioning. Many systems have censors on them which can tell you exactly how much life the filter itself has left, so there’s no guesswork involved. It will also give a warning if the system itself is failing, so you know when to take action.

Quality of Water

Water stock image 2

Above and beyond removing harmful contaminants, an arsenic filtration system will make your drinking water taste better. Although there are many filters out there which will do the same, they’re not all factoring out arsenic, necessarily. They might make the water taste better, but contaminants are still present. An arsenic filter will not only make water taste better, it will also remove the unwanted elements.

Because there are so many potential threats posed by arsenic being present in the drinking water, it’s a wise move for any household to seek out arsenic treatment, and invest in a water filtration system.


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