Sept. 26 Contaminant Roundup: WOTUS repealed, PFAS

September 26, 2019
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About Thursday Contaminant Roundup: Each week we bring to you headlines from around the world where water contaminants pose issues for local communities. From arsenic to PFAS, contaminants can be found in various levels and forms and should be addressed with in order to maintain clean water for all. This is your weekly dose of water contaminant news.



September 16, 2019 The repeal means agencies will now implement the pre-2015 regulations. The WOTUS rule had extended federal authorities to additional bodies of water, and the repeal may mean that some polluters will no longer need a permit to discharge wastewater into streams. The EPA has yet to announce a new rule that defines waters regulated under the Clean Water Act.


Congress Questions 3M over PFAS Chemicals

September 11, 2019 Earlier in September, the House Oversight Committee on the Environment called 3M to testify on the effects of PFOS and PFOA contamination. The CDC maintains that certain PFAS chemicals can increase the risk of cancer. 3M and DuPont phased out PFOS and PFOA more than a decade ago. Executives from 3M testified that they do not believe PFOS and PFOA cause adverse health effects, unless exposed in high concentrations.


Denmark Bans PFAS from Food Packaging

September 4, 2019 A proposal from Denmark’s Environment and Food Ministry would ban PFAS in food packaging beginning next summer. PFAS helps make packaging more resistant to water and grease, and the ban will apply to all organic fluorinated compounds in cardboard or paper packaging that comes in contact with food. Any material with a fluorine content would need to be separated from the food by a barrier.

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