Spring Creek Utilities, Nevada - Arsenic Removal

April 6, 2017
Spring Creek Utilities, Nevada - Arsenic Removal

In June 2011, AdEdge Water Technologies was contacted by Sunrise Engineering to design, manufacture and start up an arsenic removal system for Spring Creek Utilities in Elko, Nevada. The existing water system consisted of three wells feeding into a centralized distribution system with a maximum capacity of 1,950 gallons per minute (gpm), serving a population of 1,500 residents.

The AdEdge treatment system consists of five WaterPOD containerized units each housing an ADGS+ coagulation/filtration arsenic removal system. All five WaterPODs are integrated with an existing chlorine module to oxidize arsenic (III) to arsenic (V) for optimal removal. The units also integrate with an AdEdge ADin chemical feed module, which injects ferric chloride into the raw water to supplement the iron concentration and aid in arsenic removal. A CO2 pH adjustment module is furnished in each WaterPOD to reduce the pH from 7.89 to a neutral pH of 7. AdEdge also provided an H2Zero backwash recycle system that reclaims 100% of the settled backwash water.

The system was commissioned and began operation in January 2012.

Case Study Fast Facts

Client: Spring Creek Utilities
Engineer: Sunrise Engineering
Location: Elko, NV
Date: January 2012
Contaminant treated: Arsenic
Flow rate: 2 MGD

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