Take Your Happiness to the BANK

March 10, 2020
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As you may know, we’ve been focusing on Arbejdsglaede this year. Arbejdsglaede is a Danish word that translates to living happy at work. We strive to create a work environment where our employees can be happy working here and feel like they are a positive contributor to the AdEdge mission. We’re with each other a lot, so we want to enjoy each other as best as possible. It doesn’t mean that every day will be happy, or every situation will be happy, but it’s a recognition that we’re striving for it. 

We work at this in a couple of key ways – through empowerment and engagement activities for our employees; and through an effort to better understand and respond to the way our employees like to work. 

Engagement Activities

On the activity front, we have a team that plans fun activities for employees. These could be holiday parties, special events, employee celebrations and more. Even simple activities like a snack break or team building games can build camaraderie among employees.

We also have a dry erase happiness wall in our office where everyone can add to it. We feel that it’s important to give our employees an opportunity to share their thoughts about what makes them happy and how it applies to their work. Every month we erase the board and start again with new ideas. It’s great to see the variety of ideas and comments each month.   

How do you like to work?

In the engineering world, there’s something called the BANK personality profile, where BANK is an acronym for four different personality types: B for Blueprint, A for Action, N for Nurture, and K for Knowledge. The idea is that every person has a unique set of values and a preferred working style that loosely fits into one of these four categories. By better understanding those preferences, you can interact with others in a more meaningful way.

A person with a B, or Blueprint, likes structure and rules. To best interact with a Blueprint personality trait, approach them with detailed plans and arguments. Half of our company is engineers, so we have a lot of Blueprints.

An A, or Action personality trait, values progress and opportunity. To best interact with an A, you should come with solutions.

An N or Nurturer, is a team player and values relationships, so you should demonstrate that you care about the person or the work. 

A K or Knowledge person prefers logic and expertise, so to best approach a K, make sure that you have your facts to support your argument. 

When we’re working together, we make sure that we understand everyone’s profile. We’ve found that it helps to present our arguments to one another in the way the other person would want to receive it. And it helps you get what you want too, because you can predict how the other person is going to react. 

By better responding to our co-workers, and aiming to work with them in the way that is best for them, we’re creating an environment where we can all live happy at work – Arbejdsglaede!


(Image by Pexels user Jopwell)

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