Water Treatment

No matter what you need from a water treatment system, AdEdge Water Technologies is here to help. We’ve customized systems for numerous types of industries across the country. We have provided effective and specific solutions for power plants, municipal entities, food and beverage locations, and many more. We have performed our work primarily across the United States, but we’ve also worked with Canadian businesses. For you, this means you will get to work with a team with a vast spectrum of experience that allows us to recognize and address your current water issues. Our passion is clean water, and that’s exactly what we want for you.

Our Services

Our water treatment services are totally comprehensive. We can help you remove many types of contaminants from your water with a customized system. Whether you’re dealing with arsenic, nitrates, or simply wish to treat your hard water, we have a solution for you. We do modular systems, arsenic biological filtration, wastewater treatment, recycle systems, and so much more. We’ll work with you to create the system that’s perfect for your needs. It’s simple. We’re not just installers. You’re not getting a middle man when you work with us. We are the designers, the engineers, the installers, and the manufacturers of these high-quality systems. From phase one, our team works with you to design, engineer, and install a custom water treatment system that we know you will love.

Our Experience

Our main body of experience is in the United States, but we have worked across the globe. AdEdge Water Technologies has completed more than 700 customized and successful water treatment systems. Whether you’re worried about water contaminants or water pollution, we can come up with a solution. Our biological treatment of water is renowned for being effective, safe, and eco-friendly. We have extensive experience with arsenic removal, nitrates, uranium, iron, manganese, and radium, and many other unwanted substances. Some are detectable by taste, but some are not. Our team can identify and remove contaminants, installing a system that will guarantee you’re not consuming these contaminants in your water. For the most efficient systems and service, AdEdge is your number one choice.

Our Service

No other water treatment company will treat you better than AdEdge Water Technologies. We value every customer and every job. In fact, we feel a unique thrill at the opportunity to help you design and create a customized water treatment plan. We work with your budget, we provide timely services, and we operate with integrity. We’ll also make sure your system is operating correctly and being maintained properly to deliver the best results.


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