Why We’re Bringing Arbejdsglæde to AdEdge

January 30, 2019
Be happy at work!
Be happy at work!

We have a few favorite words here at AdEdge Water Technologies, and perhaps the one favorite we’re championing for throughout 2019 is arbejdsglæde. And yes, it looks funny to us (mostly) native English-speakers.

What…Is It?
It’s possible you may have already heard about hygge, or the Danish concept of “coziness.” One of the finalists for Oxford Dictionaries’ “word of the year” in 2016, hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) does not quite have a direct translation to English but comfortable or cozy is commonly used to define it. The idea is to take pleasure in everyday “soothing” life activities, such as brewing a cup of coffee, sitting by the fireplace, or lounging around in knit sweaters and cashmere socks.

Think of arbejdsglæde, then, as a workplace variant of the concept. Another Scandinavian word (though most commonly used in Denmark, just like hygge), arbejdsglæde tends to refer to happiness at work. (Remember that Denmark is commonly cited as one of the happiest countries in the world!) It’s the positive feeling that develops in each one of us when we are happy with our jobs.

What’s the Point?
AdEdge believes in the mental and physical wellness of its employees and is committed to making its team happy. Ultimately, this will pay off in the form of increased productivity—and more creative ideas, better decisions and business success.

There’s a difference, too, between making team members happy versus satisfied. While important, satisfaction cannot be equated to happiness because ultimately what makes an employee satisfied may not make them happy. Satisfaction implies the fulfillment of rational thresholds—salary, job title, etc. But what if employees are satisfied but unhappy? In many economic powerhouse cities, from New York City to London to Tokyo, those who focus only on job satisfaction and neglect happiness may face more stress, toxic relationships, unhealthy lifestyles and more.

How Does It Work?
Positive emotions have a quantifiable effect on wellbeing and performance, so we believe in figuring out what makes people happy or unhappy and leading accordingly. This can be in the form of:

  • Starting meetings off on a positive note
  • Understanding that happiness is not a perpetual state—it ebbs and flows and therefore requires maintenance
  • Working toward goals that make the workplace and the world better
  • Getting enough hours of sleep each night
  • Practicing gratitude toward colleagues
  • Taking short breaks when needed
  • Providing opportunities for continued learning and feedback
  • Instilling meaning and purpose in employees
  • And much more

Here’s to thinking about work a little different and committing to making our team members happy, healthy and productive!





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As you may know, we’ve been focusing on Arbejdsglaede this year.


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